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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: March DLC [News]

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: March DLC [News]

All Yours, All Free

As I’m sure many of you know, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is releasing a rotation of free monthly DLC, so far featuring quite a few cool outfits and weapons, even some content themed after the Metroid series. This month, Nintendo gives us many new quests and titles, but most notably, a chance to get the regalia of the beloved legendary Hero, Link. The trademark Hero Armor, the Hero’s Sword, and the Hero’s Bow are up for grabs if you have what it takes.

There are 11 new weapons, 8 armor sets, 14 quests, a new Palico named ‘Red Pal’ along with some new Palico gear, a bunch of guild card goodies and titles, and 1,000 caravan points to top it all off. Not to mention the first Episode Quest, which includes a 3-part story that involves characters from previous Monster Hunter games. All of this content is worth checking out, but I’m gonna let you in on how to get the Legend of Zelda-themed content that you’re probably already lusting after. The quests you will need to do require you to be at least hi-rank in the guild’s Gathering Hall.



The Hero Armor

To get the Hero Armor, you will have to beat the Three Virtues quest that you downloaded. This one is VERY tough, probably more so than any other quest in this DLC pack, having you square off against a strikingly powerful group of enemies: Zinogre, Kirin, and Rajang. Luckily, you fight them one at a time. Zinogre is simple enough by this point in the game, but the Kirin and Rajang are a different story. They are ferociously fast and take some time to take down. If you’re going solo, I’d recommend tanking it with a lance or gunlance, but with a team, it’s just going to take a lot of focused attacks and, as in all good Monster Hunter rumbles, a decent understanding of their attack patterns. If you manage to conquer this task, you will be rewarded with the one and only Triforce, and you can finally score your Hero Armor and look just like everybody’s favorite hero.


The Hero’s Sword & The Hero’s Bow

To get the Goddess’ Fire item you will need to craft either the Hero’s Sword or the Hero’s Bow, you will have to beat the downloaded quest Fire Fight. This quests tasks you with slaying an Akantor, the king of the volcano. This one is particularly larger than your average Akantor, as well. Akantor will probably take a few tries to take down. It’s a good idea to get as much fire resistance as possible, whether through pre-quest meals or a good suit of fire-resistant armor. Watch out for those projectiles either way, though. They hurt. Take down the Akantor and you’ll discover the Goddess’ Fire.


Just beat a couple quests, and you’ll be slaying monsters dressed as Hyrule’s very own Link. Swinging around that Master Sword with my Hylian shield in the opposite hand, all while dressed in full Kokiri regalia, just feels right. Come back on the first Friday of every month and check out what Capcom’s got in store for us. I’m sure the next batch of DLC will be just as delicious and fulfilling. Look no further than Slashskill for all your Monster Hunter DLC news. ‘Til next time, and happy hunting.

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