Mobile World Conference [News]

Over the course of three days, spanning from March 2nd to March 5th  , Mobile World Capital Barcelona will hold the world’s largest and greatest mobile event: the Mobile World Conference. Even though the conference technically started today nothing has really been released as of yet.

Although I haven’t been able to tell who is going to be in attendance as of right now, I do have some numbers for you; There will be:

  • More than 85,000 people expected in attendance
  • More than 46,000 C-level leaders (C-level leaders are the highest executives commonly known as Chiefs or C.E.Os, C.O.Os, and C.F.Os)
  • More than 4,500 C.E.Os
  • An expected total of 85,916 attendees


So, as you can see it’s not going to be just a small get-together.

Although there isn’t much known of what is going to be presented; there has been some talk that Samsung will be announcing in their plans for the year at this conference.

Stick with me over the next few days, and I will bring you all of the breaking news from the MWC.

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