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Minecraft Machine lets you play Pokemon: Fire Red [Download]

| On 06, Jul 2016

Minecraft is an amazing playground for both the creative and the constructive. We’ve seen many machines and monuments built since the birth of Minecraft. SethBling has even created a BASIC interpreter that operates within the game to control robots for various tasks. But even a machine that can program and control robots with BASIC does little to sate my thirst for video game ingenuity. At least, until now that is.

Requag has constructed a machine in Minecraft that lets you play Pokemon: Fire Red from inside the game. The entire concept runs on layers of structure blocks that represent the tiles in the game. Though not a fully working game, it does allow you to walk around and enter buildings. Don’t look for this thing to become the future of emulation software though, as there are no combat functions and dialogue is currently in the works. They have added in a simple level editor and you can also replace textures within the game. More importantly, this doesn’t require mods. So long as you are running Minecraft v1.10 you can try it for yourself.

Minecraft GBA Pokemon Fire Red sprite

While there isn’t a whole lot of content to keep you entertained, Requag said that “This project will always be in progress as it can always get better”. So you can always look forward to new features and functions regarding this project. Personally, I’m hoping for more games to be added soon.

You can download the project here: Click on me!

And you can find Requag’s other work here: Click on me!

5753 Views // July 6, 2016