6 Funniest Pokemon GO Headlines

Since Pokemon GO was released, the past two weeks have been full of headlines involving players trying to catch 'em all.  Some funny, some sad, and some scary.  Eventually, all of them will be funny though and here are the 6 I've seen that I thought were worth mentioning.


Accident after man stops to catch a Pikachu in the middle of the Highway

The struggle is real when you are so hard pressed for a Pikachu that you attempt to stop traffic, the man admitted to Police that it may have not been the best idea.


Muggers utilizing Beacons to target Pokemon GO players

Talk about bad luck when all you want to do is stop in for some Pokeballs and take advantage of the beacons that are set up, under that bridge that is off the beaten path you go and no sooner you run into a knife wielding drug addict. See ya iPhone.


Pokemon GO sending people to Church

My mom is constantly pushing me to attend church more regularly and build a better connection with religion.  She will be happy to know that now Pokemon GO is doing that too!  A large amount of Pokestops and Gyms are at Churches.


Pokemon GO leads teen to dead body

Imagine jumping the fence behind your house and walking down to the river to catch that Squirtle and finding a floating body instead!


Police warn Pokemon GO players to stay away from Police stations

Along with many locations complaining about increased loitering due to Pokemon GO, many Police stations are now making announcements on Facebook and other media to keep players away from their buildings.


This Guy Who Caught A Pidgey While His Wife Gave Birth Is The Real Pokemon Go Champion

The emotions of the wife are unknown but we have our fingers crossed for this trainer.

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