Fallout 4 Legendary Weapon Effects and Stats


Effect Detail
Assassin's +50% damage against humans
Automatic Auto fire mode for laser muskets
Berserker's More damage the lower your armor resistance, up to +200%
Bloodied More damage the lower your health is
Cavalier's -15% damage while blocking and sprinting
Crippling +50% more limb damage
Enraging Critical hits cause frenzy
Explosive Exploding bullets do 15 AOE damage
Exterminator's +50% damage against Mirelurks and bugs
Freezing +10 cryo damage and freeze on critical hit
Furious Increased damage on consecutive hits on same target
Ghoul slayer's +50% damage against ghouls
Hunter's +50% damage against animals
Incendiary +15 fire damage
Instigating Double damage if target is at full health
Irradiated +50 radiation damage
Junkie's Increased damage the more withdrawal effects you are suffering
Kneecapper +20% chance to cripple legs
Lucky Weapon Critical damage doubled and critical meter fills 15% faster
Medic's Heals target instead of causing damage
Mighty +25% damage
Mutant slayer's +50% damage against super mutants
Never Ending Ammo capacity will equal total amount available
Nimble +75% faster while aiming down sights
Nocturnal Increased damage at night
Penetrating Ignores 30% of targets damage and energy resistance
Plasma infused +10 energy damage and turns enemies into puddles
Poisoner's Target is poisoned for 10 seconds
Powerful +25% damage
Quickdraw -25% action point cost
Rapid +25% fire rate and +15% reload rate
Relentless Refill action points on critical hit
Sentinel's -15% damage while standing and not moving
Staggering Chance to stagger on hit
Stalker's While not in combat, increases VATS accuracy but costs more action points
Troubleshooter's +50% damage against robots
Two shot Fires addition projectile, decreases accuracy
VATS enhanced Improved VATS accuracy and -25% action point cost
VATS enhanced -40% action point cost
Violent +25% damage and limb damage with more recoil
Wounding +25 damage from bleeding

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