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Y2K – The next Earthbound? – An exclusive interview with ACKK Studios

March 4, 2015 | 5365 Views |

Y2K  has been widely compared to games from the Mother series, more specifically – Earthbound. But is Y2K seeking to be the spiritual successor to Earthbound?

In a recent interview with ACKK Studios, developers of the GBA styled indie game … Read More

Y2K: A Post-Modern RPG [Preview]

February 27, 2015 | 5291 Views |

Before I start, let me be clear; I am possibly THE most excitable member of /skill. Whenever I see something that interests me I do backflips off the wall and shout about how it’s the best day ever. …Okay that … Read More

Telltale’s the Walking Dead Season one [Review]

December 2, 2014 | 2942 Views |

I suppose everything that needs to be said about the Telltale’s The Walking Dead (not to be confused with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic; AMC’s The Walking Dead show; or Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead game, the adventures of … Read More

Uncharted: Golden Abyss [Review]

August 15, 2014 | 1800 Views |

Uncharted is a franchise for the Playstation 3 developed by Naughty Dog (best known at the time for the Jak and Daxter games). It is an action adventure game series inspired by Tomb Raider and the Indiana Jones movies. The … Read More