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Remember sitting around in your computer class after you completed your work for the day and sifting through the endless piles of flash games that lay before you? I know that you must have wasted as much time on Falling Sand as I did. In this period of next-gen consoles, and massive gaming computers that could very well host a human consciousness inside of them; most of these games have fallen out of the scope of our attention. So, we've created a list of our favorite in-browser titles, so that they can be enjoyed again. Here's our top 5, in no particular order. Click the images below to be taken straight to the game site.


 Cube Field


 This game features some amazing visuals for a flash title. When steering around the cubes that block your path, the camera pitches left and right to match the turning of the cursor. There's no real point to this one other than gloating about your high score to friends and enemies alike.

 Stick RPG 2

StickRpg2MapYou've fallen from the sky and are trapped in Paper Thin City for awhile - Best make the most of it. This game throws you into the world without an inkling of what to do. I spent a good few minutes just walking around trying to find a place to work, and ended up getting a brand new I.D. so I could get into a bar. I failed the game when I succumbed to alcoholism and died in the alley behind the bar.


Runescape - Oldschool

2007_login_screen-21171343Miss this log-in screen? Me too. So how do we get to it?

You access Old School RuneScape using your existing account details from the main game, so you won’t need create a new account if you’ve been a player in the past. However this will be a separate avatar from the main RuneScape game – each service has a separate ‘save game’, despite being accessed through the same account details.

The service is only available to current subscribing members though. But what's 5$ for a dose of nostalgia?


 Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker slashskill

After spending about half of my day clicking on that cookie and buying upgrades I had a strange craving for macaroons. The humor really makes this game. Your cookies are used as a currency for everything. From purchasing grandmas to bake more cookies for you, to buying an alchemical plant to transmute gold into more cookies. You investors might want to take a few notes here. Cookies might dominate the market here soon.


 Burrito Bison


 Burrito Bison is a kind of "fling yourself and see how far you get" game. You fling yourself from the wrestling ring you start off in and for every gummy you hit you get money. use this money to upgrade Burrito Bison so he can make it further along in the stage so you can cause more mayhem. get ready to break the sound barrier with this title.

Editor's Pick: Legacy

Legacy Slashskill

Cyberpunk, gang warfare, amazing community, and RPG elements all in your browser - What's not to love?

Here's a few points taken directly from the site portal:

  • Free to play with no advertisements or other annoyances.
  • Great community and democratic player-run gangs.
  • Level up, train abilities and become a level 80 avatar.
  • Multiplayer team based warfare in a battle for gang territory.
  • Hunt special NPC characters in the search for powerful items.
  • Customize your character with a huge range of unlockable clothing.
  • Form clans, trade items, try your luck in the casino and much more...

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