Thief Town [Review]

Thief Town is a fast pace local multiplayer stealth party game created by Glass Knuckle Games. The overall goal is to tactfully hide from your opponents, find them before they find you and stab them. How does hiding amongst a bunch of NPCs that look just like you and are moving randomly constitute as difficult? You would be surprised. There are many game modes and extra things adding some spice to the game.

In Thief Town the players are placed on a map filled with NPCs and their opponents. The players have to discover who they are while not letting the rest of the players know. The first step is to find out who you are. The second and hardest step is you must find out who the real life players are so you can hunt them down and stab them mercilessly.

The game is much more than simply stabbing random people until there is no one left though, even if I know a few people who do that, it’s about the strategy of using what bonus you have been given by the game to give you an upper hand as well as your own hard earned skill gained from the point of your knife.

There are four modes of play:

  • Thief Town
  • Drunk Town
  • Spooky Town
  • Spy Town

There are unique aspects to each gameplay mode.

Thief Town:

As the game progresses the clock steadily counts backwards from a minute and when the timer reaches zero all the NPCs disappear and only the players remain. There are two ways to go about playing this game defensively or offensively. The main form of defense is staying hidden through a few learned methods and of course offense is to attack.

Spy Town

In Spy Town the players have access to a variety of weapons and defensives items.

  • Gun- The gun allows for an instant kill of all enemies in the line of the bullet.
  • Trap- Are set so when a player walks into the area they are revealed on the map for a short time.
  • Smoke- A smoke bomb is thrown and a small area is blacked out by heavy smoke.
  • Decoy- This allows for you to swap with an NPC.
  • Booze- This turns everyone on the map drunk except you. [MOST OP THING EVER!!!]
  • TNT- TNT can be set on the ground or on other players to an explosive end.

Drunk Town:

In Drunk Town, “Don’t tell mom!”, one player is the sheriff who has one bullet per player while the rest are hidden amongst the drunk NPCs. The goal is to kill the players with the limited amount of bullets. If the sheriff kills a player they receive another bullet if they miss they are down one bullet. When the gun fires it is not simply one bullet one death, it rockets across the screen taking out all in the path. Be sure to find yourself fast and stay out of the way of that bullet. Now I know how dad feels!


Spooky Town:

The cemetery offers a spooky change of scenery for older players because this mode just came out with the latest update. Instead of being out on the range with your fellow thieves, talking around the camp fires, with the dust and an unshakable feeling someone is watching you; you are in an eerie cemetery. There are creepy statues that cannot seem to take their eyes off you and the chance for revenge if you are willing to make a deal. Be sure to explore this level for a spooky good time.



You know those times when mass murdering just isn’t good enough and you need that one on one action? Well dueling with an enemy offers that personal touch…OF MY BLADE!!!! In this mode two players go at it mono y mono in a few different environments. In the latest update there has been added Woods battle, with a solemn statue separating you both and an invisible battle to the death. This mode is where both players are invisible until the light from the storming sky reveals you. There are other methods of discovering where your foe is but for that you must play the game.


Overall this is a great game that allows for a good couch sitting, elbow bumping good time. When I first saw it the game looked like the appeal would be lost after a few times playing through but I have been playing it for months now and it still has not gotten old and it’s still on the weekly game night lineup. The only disappointment I have now with this game is that I have yet to see the Tumbleweed win. I refuse to let the bugger beat me!  I give this game 4 out of 5 stars.

Thief Town can be bought at Steam and visit their site for the best trailer I have seen in a long time.

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