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The Fallout 4 reveal trailer is live!

Ladies, gentlemen, androids, and beings that have been irradiated to the point of having large patches of rotting flesh were their genitals should be behold: The reveal trailer for Fallout 4!

Look at it! After five long years it’s here! It’s here!

So as we can see from the trailer Fallout 4 takes place in Boston… and… Oh my god screw professionalism it’s finally here!120

The trailer opens with this shot of a television, aping the opening cinematic for the original Fallout.  maxresdefault

The trailer then shows us footage of a house before and after the great war like it’s one of those anti-drug PSAs.Warnotevenonce

Next we see shots of a boy running through a pre-war street, possibly implying that Fallout 4 starts off before any bombs fall prewarshot

Then we get the money shot of a vault door.


And then there’s this, whatever it is…:


And this:


Is that an eyebot I see?


Hmm… patriotic imagery and zeppelins; be careful Bethesda you’re one “White power!” away from getting some funny looks from Ken Levine…


So that’s the trailer. Only a matter of time now…

5883 Views // June 3, 2015