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State of the Website #1 // 2.28.15 – Agenda


  1. Speed of the Content
  2. State of the Content
  3. History


Speed of the Content

I think it is important to take time and have a meeting to help the group understand at what point the website is teetering.  We have been growing at a good rate since July which is the month I would deem our inception. (See Graph A)  When you look at our performance you can clearly tell what is working and what is not.  When we put content up is when we have our largest breaths of incoming traffic but only if certain aspects are met.  There are scenarios that I have identified below with related images to help push the agenda that we need a piece going up everyday, as well as those pieces being submitted to not only Reddit, but multiple places.

  • A good topic, at a good time – no submission (Image B)
    • Nothing will ever beat a good topic at a good time.  These are those topics you Google for information for the 5 months leading up to the release.  You catch good SEO and you need no submission.  The kicker being it is really hard to identify these if you aren’t looking for them.
  • A good topic, with submission (Image C)
    • Most recently you can see that Adam’s article killed it by being submitted to Reddit, while being paired with the great idea of a contest.  Around his article you can see the difference in resulting traffic.

What kills us is, we can’t consistently add.  We couldn’t capitalize on one good idea because it took us 4 days to get something else up and every day we were effectively driving no traffic to that good idea, or any new traffic at all.   We need to continually add for more chances of days that drive good traffic and helps drive traffic to our less popular picks, in turn converting into earnings.  And trust me, at the point where the website is making $300 dollars a month – you guys will be making $10 dollars a piece of content.  Keep that in mind because that is the very attainable goal we need to move towards.  Monetizing and sustaining this ‘thing’ that we have built. (Graph D)


State of the Content

I’m impressed with the progress we have made towards picking good topics.  We have consistently added a new content type which was our original goal.  Guides and How tos inherently drive more traffic because they need to be referenced and I believe they provide opportunity to spread visibility to the less timeless information like reviews and news.  We cant operate without both.  I want to explore bringing a couple tech minded people on and star covering that side of things but haven’t fully made up my mind.  Gaming and Technology just…go together.  Emulation and mobile devices have always been somewhat of a passion because lets be real.  The first time you get an SNES running on your PSP – you are hype.  I will post a thread to discuss in more depth.



Looking at the information provided I hope we can all understand that we have these huge spikes but don’t keep pushing so we fall back down.  Let’s commit to getting to the next level, we have already made it this far, we need something going up everyday and it needs to be 1-2 contributions a week from everyone.  We are so close to greater success guys.  Let’s get there and never have to work a 9-5 again.



/SKILL was originally called Impaled Beast <> and consisted of all retro reviews.



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