Mortal Kombat X [Release Date]

Get Excited! On April 14th, a brand new Mortal Kombat game is being released for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros are happy to announce their soon to be released game - Mortal Kombat X (pronounced "ex" not "10") game.

The game is said to be like previous titles in the Mortal Kombat series; a fighting game in which two players fight against each other using different attacks, special moves, and gruesome Fatalities (known as the "Finish Him" moments). Similar to NetherRealm Studios' previous title, Injustice: Gods Among Us; fighters are able to interact with the environment allowing the player to bounce off certain areas, and use random parts of the environment as weapons In addition, each character has 3 different "special effects" or variation, each specializing in a different set of moves. For instance Scorpion has a "Ninjutsu" variation in which he can duel wield swords, a "Hellfire" one in which he relies more on fiery special moves, and an "inferno" spec which allows him to summon hellspawn minions to help him in the fight.
The game's modes include "Story","1 v 1 Ranked","King of the Hill","Survivor", and "Test Your Luck" modes. New to the modes is a new addition called "Living Towers" which is an evolved form of Mortal Kombat's "Challenge Tower" where conditions of play will be changing every hour. Another new mode is called "Faction Wars" where the player will have to chose one of the five factions, (Black Dragon, the Brotherhood of Shadow, the Lin Kuei, Special Forces, and White Lotus) to side with and persistent online cross-platform competition against the other factions.



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