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Plan of Action

First Goal:  Create content

  • 2 News updates a week.
  • 2 Video news posts a week.
  • 3 Game Reviews a week

100 – 200 total – estimated time 8 weeks.  Optimistic goal being 200 pages and 50+ being reviews.  The more reviews and “advanced content” the better.  Same rate – we have to be on top of important news and release media.

Accepted consoles:

All Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/Sega consoles + PC (even old school ones).   I’ve been debating having emulation as a part of the site but in no way would we touch any illegal content or downloads.  We have to stay current for the most part but for someone to crank out retro reviews for the old school on the weekly basis would be awesome in my opinion.


Second Goal:  Begin scouting Publishers

  • Have all team members sign up through GamePress and get familiar with the website.
  • Develop a list of well-respected websites to start pulling information from.  Back linking and general reputation building (if I’m assigned to IGN/Gamestop/Gamasutra for example I would follow the RSS and when I see them cover something we should, just throw it up, link back for credit, and it will build our reputation as well as help us stay out front.  Back linking is important in the internet game so don’t think of it as stealing think of it as building – especially because we will always offer original content on our end.)
  • Continue to push for content as well as develop social bookmarking accounts to push our information to the public – one example would be everyone submitting their reviews to Digg + <insert a million others here>.  This will be fairly important as no one knows about us yet and that’s where the internet lives. (As well as already established Facebook & Twitter accounts – which I will be handling.)

After 8 weeks I will be re-evaluating and making a new Plan of Action, but for now these are going to be our 2 main goals.



This is a one man start up by me, paid for out of pocket, it’s a hobby that I work on in my spare time and I’ve dedicated a lot to the website.  That being said, if you enjoy this as a hobby and want to be on a development team I would recommend sticking around – especially if you could work for the love of gaming like myself.

The group will always be an open forum so if you have ideas or suggestions just throw them out.  I can make the website operate in any way.   I look forward to making this what it could be and hope we can get a few solid writers on board just because having a bad ass website would be cool.

If you’re still considering joining up continue reading!


Note** Featured images must be at least 670 in width but the height can vary.  This is to keep the posts throughout the website consistent (make everything look pretty.)

Posting Content

  • News

    Words: 100 Minimum with links – 300 minimum without reference.

    Media: Feature Image, preferably one other form but depending on the news not necessary.


    Words: 100 Minimum with links – 300 minimum without reference.

    Media: Feature Image

  • Images

    Words: 200 Minimum with links – 300 minimum without reference.

    Screenshots: 6 minimum unless they are great images and there aren’t 6 available.

  • Reviews

    Words: 500 Minimum

    Good:  Short description of the good.

    Bad: Short description of the bad.

    Grade: To Be Announced once the team forms but will remain uniform and be required of a review.

    Screenshots: 4-6 would be a good amount.

    Video: If available added to a post

    Video Reviews

    Words: 100 Minimum describing your video.

    Video itself.

  • Top Lists

    100 words describing list.

    Short description of each number on the list.

  • Guides

    Writers discretion.

  • Tutorials

    Writers discretion.



Given all that, this is just a guide for you, it won’t be life or death if you break the above – it probably won’t matter, but just remember Content is King and that’s what’ll get us ahead.  The last 4 tabs are much more desired on a content level so the more you can make time for those the more we’ll get noticed.

Tutorials will be provided on posting to the back end of the website and will be up for your viewing pleasure within the week.  This includes Adding Posts, Adding Images, Adding Additional Images, Adding Video, Adding Categories, Adding Tags, Adding a Review Section to a Post, Adding Review Criteria and Score, Choosing your Review Placement, Adding Overall Rating Text and Summary to a Review, Featuring Posts on the Homepage AKA Featured Images, and finally A Guide to Shortcodes (an example being the cool tabs you see above) you can use in your work.

If you have any questions just let me know.