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Nosgoth [Multiplayer]

Nosgoth [Multiplayer]
Turkey Bites

AWW YISS! Another article by everyone’s favorite writer…TURKEY BITES! What? I’m not your favorite witer…well that’s a shame cause I made you cookies, but now you don’t get any; they’re all for me *shoves entire plate of cookies into mouth*. Oh those we’re so good. Bet you wish you could have had some don’t you? Too bad; now read this article about Nosgoth!

What Is This Game? Nosgoth is a 4v4 deathmatch style game (more game modes coming soon according to the devs). There are two teams: Vampires and Vampire Hunters. there are multiple classes under each team and each class (just like each team) has its own special abilities and powers. When the game starts, you are randomly put on a team (either vampires or vampire hunters, do I need to explain EVERYTHING). Then your goal…is to kill the other team until you reach the score limit or the time runs out…it’s deathmatch, most of you know what that means. Then, when round 1 is over you will switch to the other team and play another round. Tis’ fun!

Who Might Like This?: This game is a blast for everyone. It’s dark, fast paced, and challenging. It really focuses on teamwork. If you’re someone who likes to solo, you’re in for some trouble. Dont get me wrong, you can certainly try to solo (believe me, I have many times), but you will hurt your team unless you’re a god like I am! Anyways, if you like brutally murdering things with some others that are brutally murdering things you’ll like this game.

Overview: Its Vampires vs Vampire Hunters, do I really need to say anything else?

Buy It Now: Currently the game is in closed alpha (open beta is coming soon). You can however still buy and play this game. All you have to do is purchase (at the very least) the Veteran Package. This will get you in the game and wrecking scrubs!

1970 Views // October 2, 2014