Net Neutrality PSA [Opinion]

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Welcome to our fine site, connoisseur of digital interactive media and patron of the arts. We here at /Skill are dedicated to providing you superb service in the fields of criticism of digital interactive experiences as well as industry news that is  expedient as well as accurate and unbiased. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, integrity, tradition, and the American way. We believe…


Oh screw it.


Yeah, we’re some ass-backwards ma and pop video game site that does reviews and news. We also got  an android game in the works and might get a webcomic if Steven (aka: mega) can kidnap/recruit an artist. Who knows, maybe we’ll get into rule 34-esque erotica and amateur prefrontal lobotomies next. It doesn’t matter anyways, the important thing is that, for whatever reason (found randomly, recommendation by friend, forced at gunpoint by Steven), you're on this site and nothing is preventing you from being here (outside of technical difficulties involving either your ISP, your hardware, this site, or Steven’s gun). That is the way the internet works, that is the way the internet has worked, that is the way the internet should work, and that is what the ISPs and their lobbyists in Washington are trying to change.


You see, in America, the FCC currently enforces this rule called Net Neutrality. It means that ISPs must treat all data equally whether it’s your DOTA game, a movie on Netflix, a movie that you're torrenting from the Pirate Bay because you’re too poor to afford Netflix, and so on. Recently certain ISPs, such as Comcast and Verizon, have tried to convince the FCC to change their policies so that they can provide ‘fast lanes’ to consumers who want to pay extra. This sounds like a good idea, but the truth is that it is pure bullshit. What the ISPs really want to do is slow down your existing internet and offer a ‘fast lane’ that is really only what you had before. They will also be able to force companies to pay a fee to keep their sites running smoothly and even charge gamers fees to play online without lag. A non-net netural web is a horrible thing.


This is quite possibly one of the biggest domestic problems our country has to face in this day and age and it’s our responsibility to grass roots the snot out of the issue. Please, talk about this to your friends and family, write to your congressional representatives, and file a comment at


Net Neutrality is one of those issues that goes beyond making me angry. It just leaves me tired. Here are some videos that explain net neutrality far better than I ever could:



  • Q: Does this mean that /Skill is turning into a more political site?
  • A: No, /Skill will remain non partisan, the only political motives we have at this moment are preserving net neutrality and the first amendment as those are necessary for this site’s survival.


  • Q: Why should I care?
  • A: Well allow me to put it like this: If you're having pizza with your friends you're more than welcome to say that you don’t mind whatever they’re having, but you have no right to complain if they get anchovies.

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