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Minecraft Fishing [Guide]

Bread and porkchops just not cutting it these days? Kill so many cows that you performed genocide? Well then, it looks as if you may need to find a new resource for food. Since you probably killed all of the chickens and sheep as well; I suppose there’s always fish.

First thing’s first, we need our supplies.

Here’s what we need:

  • 2 String – Get these from spiders or cobwebs.
  • 3 Sticks – Split some boards down into sticks in your crafting inventory.

After you get your materials we’re going to toss them into our crafting bench like so:



Our next objective is to find a decently sized body of water. Get up high and do some scouting! Once you’ve found your lake of choice simply equip your fishing rod, look out over the lake, and give that right mouse button a click. You’ll then begin to see a bunch of water drops start springing up around your bobber; pay attention to these. Right before you hook a fish you’ll see a very concentrated mass make a beeline for your lure. Once the bobber is taken underwater right-click once more and you”ll have dinner for the evening!





While raw fish does sound quite tantalizing to your starved palette, you may want to cook your fish up a bit before you start chomping away. Just head back to camp/your house/castle/cave/sky tower and toss these bad boys in your furnace. Remember: When you eat cooked fish you restore more hearts (waste not; want not).

Here are a few useful tidbits to remember while fishing:

  • Fish bite faster when you fish in the rain.
  • If you fish in a cave; fish are slower to bite.
  • There are four kinds of fish to be caught with the fishing rod: standard fish, salmon, clownfish; which are incredibly rare, and pufferfish; which I do not recommend eating, as they will inflict nausea upon the player.
  • Fish aren’t just for eating! Use them to tame an ocelot.
  • When fishing you have the chance to fish up treasure and junk, just as well as fish.
  • if you cast your bobber onto a wooden pressure plate it will trigger it (take that trap layers!).