Krautscape [Multiplayer]

ZOOM ZOOM MOTHERF**KER...thats right babe, we have ourselves a racing game today *proceeds to raise the roof*.

Now this isnt your average racing game, oh no. Krautscape is a one of a kind racing game that will test every muscle and reflex in your body, its not for the average human being (sorry you with the eye balls, I dont think you'll be able to handle this one). Alright everyone else...are you ready to hear why Krautscape is like no other racing game out there! Wait for it...

wait a little longer...

here it can FLY! Oh, and the track builds as you race so that the course is always different...but who cares about that right! YOU CAN FLY!

Visuals and Music: Fucking brilliant, 11/10!!!! That is all

Who might like this game: If you're someone who likes to have a blast with your friends then you'll love this game. This game is actually more fun to just screw around in and run your friends off the map than it is to do what you're supposed to. My friends and I (haha, I dont have friends) like to drive casually to build a course and then race it backwards...we're stupid, I know.

Overview: If youre a fan of very cool indie games, racing games, or a cheap game to screw around in with your friends than this game is perfect.

Buy It Now: 7.99 Steam Early Access

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