Hyrule Warriors [Upcoming]

Ever played Dynasty Warriors? Ever played Dynasty Warriors and thought, “This needs something”, as you furiously swung your gigantic weapon at crowds of enemy soldiers? Well, someone on the development team at Omega Force had the idea that it would be awesome for everybody’s favorite Hero of Time; Link, to take on hundreds of soldiers simultaneously in classic Dynasty Warriors style. Come on, how can your curiosity not be piqued?

Considering the rate at which Zelda games are released, it’s always exciting news to hear about a new addition to the series. It was a bit disheartening to hear that the classic Zelda formula will not be followed, but also somewhat exciting. A Zelda game that will be based around action, and not dungeon-solving? It’s a double-edged sword of genre preference, one that I’m sure will have some fans up in arms about the game.

The game itself seems to be a perfect cross between the action-coated gameplay of Dynasty Warriors and the familiar universe of the Zelda series. Battlefields look pretty huge, and populated with swarms of all your favorite Hyrule baddies, such as the agile Lizalfos or the hive-minded bokoblins.

There are quite a few playable characters announced. Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa, and Midna are some of the instantly-recognizable characters that are slated to be featured. They will all possess their own unique fighting style, weaponry, and abilities. Many areas that we’ve passed through in our various journeys in Hyrule will also be featured, holding strong the Zelda-esque art style that assists in defining the game.

Some gamers will view this one with squinty eyes, fearing the possibility of a blemish on the nearly-untarnished Zelda name. Well, scoff all you want, naysayers! This one looks like it’s going to be quite a welcome addition to the franchise, offering both a more action-centric experience and a rare chance to play as characters other than Link. With the September 26th release date sitting just shy of a few weeks away, it’s about time we finally get a taste of the Zelda series on the Wii U.

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