/SKILL is a website for Gamers by Gamers. We have spent hours upon hours slaying dragons, piloting S-Class Space Cruisers, and constructing kingdoms in order to provide you information on how to do it for yourselves; as well as help you find that next game with some detailed reviews.  With platforms multiplying, as well as trash/IAP infested video games flooding the market it might seem hard to sit down, relax, and dedicate time to a game worth your while, or even find one!  Whether your forte is emulation of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on a PS3, or a brand new title on the Xbox One - we want to provide a selection and a system to help the players decide what to spend their money and time on. We aim to help folks out by providing you amazingly crafted reviews, meticulously planned out guides, and even an entertainment article or two.


We are looking for writers who can wield the pen with the same skill and finess as the gamepad. To be considered, you must possess the following attributes:


Be Professional!


- You should be well-trained in the arts of word-ly combat. Your writing strives to be as complete as possible. No semi-colon out of place; no dash unintentional - your approach to writing is like a Metroid speed run that requires both grace and precision.


Be Creative!


- A healthy dose of creativity will go a long way when writing about games. Being able to talk about games in a confident, fluent way that will astound the mind is what we're looking for. Many of our writers here are artists -musicians, painters, strategists, poets, novelists, and maybe even a blacksmith - the passion they feel for their artwork translates into their writing for the site; and it is an amazing thing when that chemistry works. We aren't confined by being precisely proper at all times; so you will be able to exploit that.


Be Knowledgeable!


- With passion comes the desire to learn. You should be an expert (or somewhat of a journeyman) in the field of gaming. You should devour gaming news with the fervor of a borderline fanatic, you know the ins and outs of every Chun-Li combo, and your knowledge of glitches and exploits should be that of a mastermind. Knowing most details of a subject matter will help you infinitely, and if you don't you should have the drive to research it!


Be Interesting - Be Awesome!


- The ability to compel your viewers to read further is highly desired. Sure, we can prattle on about infinite duplication glitches, and proper tank mechanics until the sun rises and sets twice, but to keep readers, we must have them attached to our fingers with a string. At a tug we can make them feel, make them cry, make them laugh! Writing is art, and that also applies to the articles that we write. We enjoy our writers that have personality, and oftentimes that personality translates into their work - We dig that! Be your own person, and you will create the best work you can every time you sit down at the keyboard.


If you're interested in joining the team and helping /SKILL grow please use the contact page or e-mail the editor at: [email protected] to begin discussing the details around the available positions.


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