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Fallout 4 Companion Quick Guide

Fallout 4 Companion Quick Guide

Everyone needs a friend!


Companion Location Type Quest Romance Perk
Codsworth Sanctuary Robot None No +10 damage resistance against robot energy attacks
Dogmeat Red Rocket Truck Stop Dog None No None
Paladin Danse Cambridge Police Station Male Call to Arms Yes +20% damage against ghouls, super mutants, and synths
Piper Diamond City Female Story of the Century Yes Double exp for speech challenges and discovering locations
Preston Garvey Museum of Freedom Male None Yes +20% damage resistance and +20% damage when outnumbered
Nick Valentine Vault 114 (Park Street Station) Synth Male Long Time Coming No Receive an additional guess on hacking terminals and -50% less time wait time after terminal lock outs
Cait Combat Zone Female Benign Intervention Yes +25% action point regeneration if health in below 25% of maximum
Curie Vault 81 Robot Emergent Behavior Yes Heal 100 health when health is below 10% of maximum
X6-88 The Institute Courser Male None No +20% damage resistance against energy weapons
Strong Trinity Tower Super Mutant None No +20% melee damage if health is below 25% of maximum
Deacon Old North Church Male None No +20% sneak attack damage and +20% stealth boy duration
John Hancock Good Neighbor Ghoul Male Recruiting Hancock Yes +20% critical hit if radiation is above 250
MacCready The Third Rail, Goodneighbor Male Long Road Ahead Yes +20% chance to hit enemy’s head in VATS


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