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Disco Dodgeball [Multiplayer]

Disco Dodgeball [Multiplayer]

Hey there you sexy looking people…yes I’m talking to you (NO NOT YOU BETSY…get back in the basement!). So how is your day going…uh huh…oh really (look at those goons Steven, they think I care, lolz). Alright, you shush while I tell you about this real cool game called…wait for it…oh you saw it in the title, there’s no point waiting since you already know the name. Fine, this is Disco Dodgeball…

What Is This Game?: El Disco Dodgeball (as its refered to in spanish…I think) is a game where you play dodgeball…as robots…that explode when hit…it’s awesome. It’s a multiplayer game (obviously, it is in the multiplayer section, jeez, use your tiny brain for once reader) where you’re on a team with other robots and you try to murder…I mean hit the other robots with balls *giggles*. There’s a good number of different game modes. And for you that dont have friends (like myself) you can set the difficulty of the bots to make it seem like theyre real…real fucking over powered that is. Those robot assholes hit me across the map before even I knew I where I was going to be…hackers.

Who Might Like This Game: If you and a friend (or multiple friends if you’re one of those koooool people) are bored on a Friday night and want to spend more hours than you can count on one hand playing a game that’s simple…then this is the game. Its not a complex game, but boy does it provide so many hours of fun with friends.

Overview: This game is incredibly fun, with friends. This isnt really a great game to play alone as it’s no where near is fun. So yeah!

Buy It Now: $9.99 Steam Early Access

1949 Views // September 15, 2014