Destiny: The Queen's Wrath [Event]

From September 23rd to October 6th, the Queen of the Fallen is offering challenges for Guardians through limited-time Reef bounties. There are a few new bounties available, color coded purple, and they are all pretty standard challenges that you've probably seen in the vanguard bounties at some point before (Kill this many of these, beat a certain boss on a raid, etc.) that will serve as a new goal to accomplish with new rewards to be had.


Serve the queen to build up reputation with the Queen’s Emissary and gain access to new rare and legendary Weapons, Shaders, Emblems, and Class Items. The  area behind the bounty vendor that was previously  closed off is now open for business, which is precisely  where you can find the Queen’s Emissary. She will    serve as the vendor for the event items. Oh, and by the way, the Prism Dancer Shader she sells in her store is pretty awesome. Remember that some of these items are limited edition! Don’t miss your chance.


The content keeps coming steadily for Destiny, and you need look no further for all your Destiny events and news. Check back often for new posts on what’s happening in the world of Destiny. Good luck, Guardians, and don’t lose your light.

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