Checking in with the Innkeeper [Interview]

The life of a Let’s Player takes lots of behind the scenes hard work.. This is not to say that it’s not a fun option for those who want to partake in this new phenomena, as long as you are able to schedule your time efficiently you can do it and have fun at the same time. Thousands of people do this every day but it takes that essential hard work to go above and beyond the everyday Let’s Player and establish a following while still having a great time.

The YouTube Let’s Player The Innkeeper strove for this goal 3 years ago. His success has not been handed to him nor was it impossible to achieve. He originally started his YouTube career with two other friends on their joint channel GamerPeons. As time went on their paths separated and The Innkeeper was born.

What inspired the start of the channel was the craze of YouTube Let’s Players and their increasing prevalence on the site. Originally, the site played random games and different topics but, after the split, The Innkeeper looked for his niche in the Let’s Player world. After he searched for a time he found that niche where he feels most at home - in the sandbox game genre.

As his career advanced he had to learn to manage his work, home life, free time, and his YouTube channel. “Schedule, schedule, schedule.” The Innkeeper states that you have to keep a strict line on everything. Even though this is a part of his free time, he is sure to keep spare time for himself as well. The Innkeeper speaks at length about the importance of having those breaks to keep recharged and on your game.Each set of videos can take up to two hours to edit. It really depends on how many he does at a time. He sometimes records in batches and then edits. This can be very strenuous, highlighting the importance of his point.

Another great avenue he has recently taken to is livestreaming through Twitch. "Its great" The Innkeeper states. He loves the interaction with his fans about the game or just in random discussions they have during the Let’s Play.


His favorite game is Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. All through his youth his father worked with PCs so there was always a random system around for him to play on.

His channel overall has been doing great recently in terms of views and subscribers. His highest viewed video for his presently is also one of his most controversial videos on his page. With near 30 likes and 30 dislikes the podcast was about the Yogcast game Yogventures. With 11,000 views so far it holds the highest viewed video on his channel.

Some of his newer videos and most viewed are his Timber and Stone series, labelled the Land of Islay, and StoneHearth series, Welcome to Rockside. These games are sandbox games that allow for  building while also adding in the fun of the characters acting in interesting ways. The longest running series so far on his site is Prison Architect, MEGAMAX! The series is up to over 70 videos so far.

He has been steadily progressing in fans with 500 in June 2014. He is currently approaching his 2,000 subscriber mark.  He had 1000 subscribers at the beginning of the year and that number has been steadily rising. He attributes this to having a good viewer base and by playing games that are similar, yet still amazingly fun to play and watch.

When discussing his fan base, The Inkeeper had a lot of great things to say. “They are a good bunch of people and they are easy to talk to. It’s really just a lot of great interaction when I get the chance.” That’s one of the many reasons he enjoys his Saturday live streams. He is also happy that he has a mature audience. They love the videos and the games and are great people to have as fans. He doesn’t want fans who bow to him, he wants them to be able to call him out if he messes up without being rude and he feels they have this level of rapport about gaming.

Finally we end with his iconic introduction. Each video starts with his statement, “Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am The Innkeeper and today[…].” This memorable introduction is just the right way to help fans get drawn in and feel at home at the beginning of each video. His final words to his fans at the end of each video and the interview were just as fitting, thanking his audience for watching just as I think you all for reading.

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